“It’s the role of the teacher to inspire the students – at whatever age, whatever level – it’s to inspire them to own their own education.”

“For building a community, for building an educational approach, we knew we needed that basic forum that would allow students to get wordy and then to be able to respond to each other and keep track of it.”

That is when TJEd decided to test PeerBoard and became early adopters of the beta version of their Thinkific app. They discovered that their student community could then live on their Thinkific site, automatically turn their students into community members and host private discussion spaces. It became the place where students faced the positive peer pressure and followed their lead by sharing their reflections on the reading and asking for advice from mentors. Above all, there was the human connection of which the other forums were devoid.

This is a very involved team and they work very quickly and very efficiently.”

Since then, they have been actively promoting their PeerBoard Community in their Facebook Group, gradually transferring their student groups to their Thinkific site.

Watch the interview above to learn the full story! 

Quick Stats:

15,000 – 20,000 students

13,500 students transitioning from Facebook Group to PeerBoard

150 – 200 current students in the PeerBoard community

70 average daily visit in the PeerBoard community

35 average weekly posts created by students in the PeerBoard community

TJEd uses the PeerBoard Community app for Thinkific for the seamless & engaging community experience.


  • Community is part of the Thinkific site

  • Easy access to the Thinkific site & the community (SSO, no additional account needed)

  • Automatic student import to the community

  • Discussion spaces & subspaces

  • Private discussion spaces (30 in the Professional plan)

  • Advanced customization

  • Search in posts & comments

  • and so much more!

    Install the PeerBoard Community app today & start an exciting community around your course business!  

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