Community management software for groups of all sizes

Whether you have five users or 500, PeerBoard can help you build a community forum that your audience will love.
Community management software
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A community forum will give you all the tools you need to increase user interaction and create a satisfying experience

Community forum
Built for communities
Your community forum is your digital town square. Empower users to personalize their responses and identify themselves clearly to other users. PeerBoard provides user-friendly tools to enhance customization and increase engagement.
PeerBoard's member management tools
Power to moderators
As an administrator, you don’t have to manage everything yourself. Use PeerBoard’s member management tools to promote community managers that you trust and provide them with the management tools to improve your social community.
Simplified content management
Simplified content management
Any active community platform fills up with content quickly. While you can create a variety of different spaces for posts, content can still get lost in translation. PeerBoard’s all-in-one content feed and notification tools are designed to boost community engagement and keep users in the know.

Make every interaction worthwhile

Some forums use gamification to keep community members engaged and posting.

At PeerBoard, we allow users to self-service by creating content that prompts user engagement and retention. That’s why we built a powerful post editor and developed automated feed functionality that helps users stay on top of hot posts and recent interactions.

For businesses, this means that popular posts will constantly float to the top of the pile and elicit more customer interaction. This added visibility can lead to increased customer satisfaction when changes are made that benefit a large userbase.

Automated forum feed
Online community management software

Easy workflows for team members

Older versions of online community management software are notorious for being difficult to understand or for lacking specific functionality.

PeerBoard takes the difficulty out of the user experience by creating solutions that are simple and easy for all users to understand. Software tools like our personalized news feed use automation to highlight important content while allowing complete customization over every element of your forum.

If you’re struggling with a specific problem and need help, you can always find a community solution in our PeerBoard discussion forums or get in touch with our team for personalized customer support.

Engage with other community outlets

It’s impossible to ignore the presence of social media and some of the community elements that it provides. PeerBoard has built-in tools to help you share content to social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so that you can boost engagement and drive new signups through popular platforms. You can even use social logins to streamline the sign-in experience.

While your website and your community forum may serve as a home base for your online community, we know that forum software is just one way that users connect. Build your community using our quick plug-ins and open-source tools, then connect with other platforms and grow your reach.

Tools to connect your forum community with social media networks and popular search engines

Powerful tools for building great communities

Check out just a few of the tools that you can enjoy with PeerBoard.
Rich user profiles
Give users the ability to create custom profiles that show off their unique personalities.
Karma-sorted feed
Give members a bird’s-eye view of the hottest posts, media, and messages in your community as soon as they log in.
Rich editor
Allow users to create long-form content by including photos, videos, and formatted content.
Custom content spaces
Segment your content into custom spaces for easier organization and user navigation.
Real-time commenting
Get feedback and reactions instantly with real-time commenting.

Community management software done right

PeerBoard helps businesses and dedicated groups build an interactive presence online. From turnkey solutions like our WordPress plugin to powerful API tools and white labeling options, our platform can help you build a community that lasts.