Create your own forum for your online community

Build a stronger digital presence by using online forum tools that make it easy to manage users, groups, and teams.
Online forum tools of PeerBoard
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Forum software with enhanced functionality for administrators, moderators, and community members

Member management
Member management
This set of tools makes it easy to evaluate and promote registered community members, change roles, and restrict access to specific aspects of your own forum.
PeerBoards's search tools
Search functionality
Message boards can easily become complicated and overwhelming for dedicated readers. PeerBoard’s search tools make it easy to find users and discussion threads within your forum community.
PeerBoard's user groups
User groups
Add customization to your forum by creating user groups and providing specific access rights to those groups. Grant access to hidden forums or different post spaces with ease.

Create a forum for your company, group, or cause

There are thousands of online communities out there. PeerBoard makes it easy for you to create a forum that you can be proud to call your own.

Our white labeling tools make it easy for you to create a community website that stands out from the crowd. If you have the technical know-how, you can also use a hosting service to host your website on your own domain name.

From customizing fonts, logos, and colors to web-hosting options for subdomains and forum hosting, PeerBoard gives you everything you need to succeed.

A forum for your company, group, or cause
Management for users and groups

Customize and control your user experience

Without proper management for users and groups, it can become difficult to find content and moderate behavior on your community website.

This oversight can lead to destructive behavior and user abandonment, both of which are difficult to overcome when trying to build a successful online community.

PeerBoard gives administrators the ability to quickly manage users and promote moderators to assist with community management. You can also restrict visibility for specific categories, topics, and sub-forums.

From SSL to SEO, our customer support teams can help

Under the hood, PeerBoard comes equipped with powerful tools to connect your forum community with social media networks and popular search engines. While PeerBoard is easy to install using a WordPress plugin or open-source tools, customizing your new forum for proper indexing and social network integration can be tricky.

If that’s the case, the PeerBoard community and our own in-house support team can help you personalize and white label your website in record time.

Tools to connect your forum community with social media networks and popular search engines

Powerful tools for building great communities

Check out just a few of the tools that you can enjoy with PeerBoard.
Rich user profiles
Give users the ability to create custom profiles that show off their unique personalities.
Karma-sorted feed
Give members a bird’s-eye view of the hottest posts, media, and messages in your community as soon as they log in.
Rich editor
Allow users to create long-form content by including photos, videos, and formatted content.
Custom content spaces
Segment your content into custom spaces for easier organization and user navigation.
Real-time commenting
Get feedback and reactions instantly with real-time commenting.

Create your own forum today

Whether you’re a small business looking for product feedback or a passionate group in search of the perfect forum website, PeerBoard can help you build a lasting community online.