Discussion forum software for teams and groups

Create deep discussions or build a detailed knowledge base using modern community forum tools.
Forum software for teams and groups
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Break away from emails and private messaging with a user-friendly forum platform

Message boards in PeerBoard
Message boards made easy
From a simplified user interface and rich user profiles to a robust post editor, it’s never been easier to equip your community with the tools to express themselves.
Open-source integrations and simple plugins
Open-source integrations and simple plugins
Get your new forum up and running quickly with our WordPress forum plugin. You can also take advantage of our open-source components and SDKs for deeper integrations.
Forum discussion software
A streamlined forum experience
Older forum platforms like phpBB, MyBB, or vBulletin can feel outdated and restricting. PeerBoard introduces new features and functionality into your forum discussion software for a better user experience.

Eliminate emails and tedious group messages

When communities are just getting started, an email or a private messaging group can be enough to start a conversation.

Unfortunately, these systems fall apart as your community continues to grow. That’s where discussion forum software can truly shine. Online forums allow users to leave smaller communication platforms behind and easily spread their message to the community at large.

Post updates on a community bulletin board or combine your forum with a content management system like WordPress and create in-depth discussions around community content. The possibilities are endless.

Online forum
Administrative tools for online community

Customization to suit your needs

Every community is unique, and the platform you use should deliver a personalized community experience.

With PeerBoard, you’ll have access to a community forum software that can make every interaction unique.

From powerful administrative tools and white labeling software options to SEO optimizations and API functionality, your forum can be as simple or complex as you prefer.

Designed for a wonderful user experience

Many popular forum tools only allow limited customization options for users. With PeerBoard, users have access to rich profile customizations, personalized activity feeds, and more. Combined with real-time commenting and intelligent notification tools, users will never miss a beat.

As an administrator, you can create specialized groups and limit visibility to specific forums and spaces within your forum. Control access, change roles, and empower users — all from a single location.

Forum tools for customization

Powerful tools for building great communities

Check out just a few of the tools that you can enjoy with PeerBoard.
Rich user profiles
Give users the ability to create custom profiles that show off their unique personalities.
Karma-sorted feed
Give members a bird’s-eye view of the hottest posts, media, and messages in your community as soon as they log in.
Rich editor
Allow users to create long-form content by including photos, videos, and formatted content.
Custom content spaces
Segment your content into custom spaces for easier organization and user navigation.
Real-time commenting
Get feedback and reactions instantly with real-time commenting.

Perfect for online communities of any shape and size

Whether you’re a small business looking to customize your user experience or a major company planning to create an employee knowledge base, PeerBoard is simple to set up and easy to use. Let us show you how it’s done.