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PeerBoard's integration allows coaches and coaching groups to better serve their communities by providing them with an all-in-one business management platform, insights, and best practices on how to scale their organizations.
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Zapier + PeerBoard
PeerBoard's Zapier integration allows users to create automated triggers and actions to help streamline community management.
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Thinkific + PeerBoard
PeerBoard's Thinkific integration will allow you to turn your passion into profit by teaching what you love to your audience at scale.
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Shopify + PeerBoard
PeerBoard's Shopify integration will allow you to engage your customers, add social touchpoints in the buyer journey, and ultimately help you boost the customer lifetime value by increasing the retention rate.
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WordPress + PeerBoard
PeerBoard's WordPress integration allows users to effortlessly add a community platform to their website.
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LearnDash + PeerBoard
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Memberful + PeerBoard
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Plug&Paid + PeerBoard
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