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PeerBoard helps you grow your business with engaged and loyal customers.
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Boost your website traffic

53%* of all website visitors come from organic search. Don’t miss that traffic opportunity with our SEO-friendly platform. Enable your community to create high-quality posts with ease and forget all worries about your position in search results.
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Improve customer satisfaction

Do you know that 67%* of customers prefer self-service such as forums over communicating with a company representative? With PeerBoard, you can provide excellent customer support with a knowledge database you and your customers can build together.
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Increase customer loyalty

Build strong and trusting relationships with your customers - provide them with a safe space to interact with each other and discuss important topics. Keep in mind that increasing customer retention by just 5% boosts profits by 25% to 95%*.
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“I had a few technical issues early on but Peerboard was quick to reach out and fix things. Excellent, friendly customer support. They also have a great community with helpful documentation."
Tees For Bees
“This app is like a gift from God. First of all, there aren't any other community-building apps. Second of all, it's a game-changer because you can't simply do much with the Shopify theme, especially on the blogging side or community creation side."
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