PeerBoard Website Integration

Looking to expand your existing website with a rich community space? With our SDK and APIs you can integrate PeerBoard in a matter of hours and have full control over member data and experience
Suitable for
Software products
Service marketplaces
Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

Provide communal support

Reduce your customer support costs by 48%* by creating a dedicated space for peer-to-peer support. Encourage members to answer each other’s questions and be authentic while sharing their success stories, as well as struggles. Identify users who discover new ways of using your software and publicly recognize them to inspire others.
Powered by:
Real-time comments
Multi-level post spaces
Online forum
Online forum

Educate your customers

Experts say* that ‘the more informed and empowered customers are, the more satisfied and confident they are with their choices’. Boost your customers' belief in your product or service by sharing tips, guides, announcements, updates, and insights. Nurture your brand advocates and acquire new leads by providing clear social proof*.
Powered by:
Rich and easy-to-use editor
Mixed media uploads
Email digests

Drive more traffic

Claim back your organic traffic from social media and redirect it to your website. 53%* of all website visitors come from organic search. Host Q&A sessions, ask customers for reviews, and run engaging offers right on your website.
Powered by:
SEO Support/Indexation
Social sharing
Easy content creation & posting
Online forum

Single Sign-On

Want to avoid unnecessary signup and login steps? Automatically log in your existing customers to your PeerBoard community. Just generate a link with encoded session and put it in your product or website. Pass member avatar, name and other information to be pre-filled in member profile.

Deep embedding

Thinking on how lower the entry barrier for your members to join the community? We say: simply remove it completely! With our SDK you can integrate PeerBoard right into your web product. Keep single login, navigation, member profiles and more. And with our customization, make it an organic inseparable part of your solution!

Keep data in sync

Want to make sure member data is in sync on both ends? Use our APIs to manage member profiles, change emails, delete members. Want more? Automatically create and manage posts, member groups, spaces and other data structures!
Check our developer manual to learn more about light and deep integration options and your next technical steps to integrate PeerBoard into your custom-built website.
See developer manual

Running a platform? Join these platforms:

If you are managing multiple communities as a platform, good news: we have a set of tools to enable self-serve for your customers, provision communities on the fly and manage them on scale.
Talk to our partnerships team to learn more.
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“With PeerBoard SDK we managed to get our translator community up and running in days, making it a truly seamless part of our product."
Arseniy Konov
VP of People
“We work with peerboard and they are the best integration, product, team and mission we ever worked with. Deep kudos for the amount of love  team shares with communities through their tech enablement for them."
Alina Trigubenko

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