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Looking to expand your existing website with a rich community space? With our SDK and APIs you can integrate PeerBoard in a matter of hours and have full control over member data and experience.
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Your platform, your way

PeerBoard is a website add-on that allows users to bring discussions and content directly on your website rather than through a third-party service like Reddit or Facebook Groups. Unlike free plugins like bbPress and BuddyPress, which can be difficult to set up and customize, PeerBoard offers a modern experience that helps you deliver maximum value to your members.
In addition to enhanced functionality, robust user profiles, and unlimited usage, PeerBoard helps you ensure that your community space always looks and feels great for every user.
Public or private spaces
Whether you want to build a public support forum or a private space for your budding community, Peerboard offers a feature-rich environment that can be tailored to suit your needs.
PeerBoard's rich editor
Empowered expression
PeerBoard comes equipped with tools to help your users fully express themselves. From rich user profiles to a robust post editor, explore new topics and address customer concerns directly from your WordPress website.
Tools for growth PeerBoard
Tools for growth
Unlike simple community plugins, PeerBoard gives you everything you need to scale as your community grows. Enjoy moderation support, flexible customization options, SEO-friendly indexing, and other great features without paying a premium cost.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a process of automatically passing your member session to another application, PeerBoard in this case. You create a unique link to your PeerBoard community by signing user information for your logged in member with your community secret key. When a member opens this link, we decode the session information and automatically log in this member on our end.

Embed with SDK

With our frontend components you can integrate your PeerBoard community as a page of your website, supporting single navigation and nested urls, single member sign-in and custom member profiles. With our theme customization you can make it look and feel as a natural part of your product.

Sync data with APIs

To make sure you can synchronize your data with PeerBoard, we created a rich set of APIs, allowing you to register and manage members and member groups, customization and hosting settings, content and more.
Check our developer manual to learn more about light and deep integration options and your next technical steps to integrate PeerBoard into your custom-built website.
See developer manual

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If you are managing multiple communities as a platform, good news: we have a set of tools to enable self-serve for your customers, provision communities on the fly and manage them on scale.
Talk to our partnerships team to learn more.
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“With PeerBoard SDK we managed to get our translator community up and running in days, making it a truly seamless part of our product.”
Arseniy Konov
VP of People
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