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Reduce churn with community support

Create a welcoming environment for your audience to ask questions and reach out for help. The way you interact with your readers drastically influences your member retention. For example, only 20%* of students complete e-courses if they don't receive holistic support.
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Real-time comments
Multi-level post categories
Online forum
Online forum

Enable knowledge sharing

Encourage your audience to create content in your community: reviews, guides, feedback supported with media files. Build a knowledge base of your product or service. Use their current experiences to take your business to the next level.
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Rich and easy-to-use editor
Mixed media uploads
Email digests

Grow your website traffic

Start engaging discussions and post relevant Q&As to reach audiences outside your community. All of the board's pages are indexed by search engines if you choose to make them public. Encourage your community members to share the posts on social media channels and provide them with incentives in return.
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SEO Support/Indexation
Social sharing
Easy content creation & posting
Online forum

Join others who already use PeerBoard

Online course
"The PeerBoard plugin is a much needed tool for WP. There are very few options for people trying to build an online community. Even fewer for those who want to try it for free. Also, most of the existing forum plugins are like a decade old."
Online course
“PeerBoard is the latest of a series of extremely useful WordPress plugins which allow website owners who have little or no knowledge of coding to create websites with features that were unimaginably complex just a few years ago. I could not be happier that I finally found a no-code solution to embedding an online community/forum within my existing WordPress website.”
Casey Botticello
"I use it to build a community and also to replace my newsletter. My users "subscribe" to the community feed with a simple form and they can be involved in the community if they want to. To me, it's clearly the best move I've made to grow my site."
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