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Built as a plug and play solution for online communities, PeerBoard helps you create a community platform in seconds. With our WordPress integration, you can bring all the great features of PeerBoard to your WordPress site in seconds.
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Your platform, your way

PeerBoard is a website add-on that allows users to bring discussions and content directly on your website rather than through a third-party service like Reddit or Facebook Groups. Unlike free plugins like bbPress and BuddyPress, which can be difficult to set up and customize, PeerBoard offers a modern experience that helps you deliver maximum value to your members.
In addition to enhanced functionality, robust user profiles, and unlimited usage, PeerBoard helps you ensure that your community space always looks and feels great for every user.
Public or private spaces for your community
Public or private spaces
Whether you want to build a public support forum or a private space for your budding community, Peerboard offers a feature-rich environment that can be tailored to suit your needs.
PeerBoard's rich editor
Empowered expression
PeerBoard comes equipped with tools to help your users fully express themselves. From rich user profiles to a robust post editor, explore new topics and address customer concerns directly from your WordPress website.
Tools for growth PeerBoard
Tools for growth
Unlike simple community plugins, PeerBoard gives you everything you need to scale as your community grows. Enjoy moderation support, flexible customization options, SEO-friendly indexing, and other great features without paying a premium cost.

Maximize community value with ease

PeerBoard makes it easier than ever to have great conversations on your discussion board. Spend less time agonizing over how to match your community space to your WordPress themes or dealing with anti-spam implementations.

Our tools make it easy to assign user roles, simplify styling, and stay on top of messy discussion threads and community spaces.

Conversations on a discussion board

I could not be happier that I finally found a no-code solution to embedding an online community/forum within my existing WordPress website.

Casey Botticello,
Professional writer,
Tools to connect and share forum posts on major social networks

Expand your reach

Want to get noticed? PeerBoard has all the tools you need to connect and share forum posts on major social networks with a single click.

Our platform is also SEO-friendly, making it even easier for users to find your community and support posts with modern search engines.

Get PeerBoard for WordPress

Sign in to WordPress
Sign in to your WordPress control panel using administrative credentials.
Sign in to WordPress
Search for the PeerBoard plugin
Under the plugins menu, select “Add New” and type “PeerBoard” in the search window.
PeerBoard plugin in the search window in WordPress
Activate and get started
Install and activate the plugin to start the setup process.
WordPress forum plugin

Common questions

Is PeerBoard hosted as a part of my WordPress configuration?

Yes and no. PeerBoard is a cloud-based community platform, and your content is always hosted on our servers. This is true even when you use a custom domain and integration tools to connect the platform to your website.

Our WordPress plugin is designed to deliver our platform to your website using an interface that is compatible with WordPress so that you can make changes without ever leaving your CMS. A major benefit to this approach is that your content operates independently of your website. If you ever need to migrate your platform to any other configuration — from a custom domain to a custom-built website — you’ll be able to do so without losing your content or your members.

Can I automatically log members into PeerBoard if they are already logged into my WordPress website?

Yes. We automatically detect user sessions from WordPress. You can also automatically import users who haven’t opened your PeerBoard page by enabling this feature in your plugin settings.

Can I put PeerBoard behind a protected section of my website using a membership plugin?

Yes! PeerBoard is compatible with most membership plugins. You can treat your community as any page with subpages on your website.

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