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Get critical feedback during product development

Customer feedback is a critical element of product development. Project stakeholders use it to gauge interest. Team members use it to add features, tweak designs, and determine how to talk about products with customers.

Your product forum can serve as a communication platform to help you gain knowledge and improve your products.

Get the feedback to build a better product
Understand the story behind your metrics
Gauge user interest and reaction to changes
Ideas and feedback on a forum
Crowdsource ideas and create customer advocates

Customers are more likely to engage with your products when they help build them. Using PeerBoard, you can crowdsource ideas, solicit feedback, answer questions, and more.

By adding customer feedback to your product development roadmaps and incorporating valuable ideas into your building a more complete solution that your general audience can use.

Gather user ideas and feedback
Flag ideas for improvement
Analyze feature requests
Answer important questions
Improve your knowledge base

Whether your product is about to launch or has been on the shelf for years, you can always improve usability through support and knowledge.

A community platform can serve as a support tool, allowing users to troubleshoot issues, consult support documentation, create user-generated guides and tutorials, and work together to solve their own problems.

Build a robust FAQ
Create tutorials and user guides
Highlight development initiatives
Build enthusiasm and product advocacy
Support and knowledge on a forum

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