Nurture your membership with community

Create a safe and engaging space for your members to collaborate, share knowledge and network.
A community homepage

Membership made easy

Looking for an all-in-one tool for your membership? Your search stops here. Manage community subscriptions, deliver engaging and relevant content to your members, and showcase the value of your community to attract new subscribers. All fully customized to your brand.

Turn your members’ ideas into content

Shift your role from content creator to community curator
Give your audience a platform to showcase their creativity in long-form articles and highlight valuable contributions with featured posts.
A post
Posts & Comments
Encourage your members to engage with one another by exchanging knowledge and content that they care about.
Use direct and quantifiable feedback from your audience to help you shape your membership strategy.
Statuses of users requests
Reduce your support load by unlocking peer-to-peer Q&A and rewarding helpful community members.
Allow your members to organize, network and collaborate in real-time events.

Motivate your members with built in Gamification

Create playful competition in your community and use leaderboards to discover your community champions. Reward them with virtual badges or real world perks and benefits.
A user profile with community awards and a list of top contributors
Insights showing the community activity

Optimize your strategy with Insights

Quickly review your community’s stats to learn what content is resonating with your members, which topics get the most questions and which comments and contributors receive the best engagement.

Monetize your membership with Custom Subscriptions

Create custom paywalls to keep exclusive content in private areas. Connect Stripe and easily create free trials, coupons and discounts to promote your community.
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Member management that serves you

Share SEO-optimized content with the web and on social media
Invite members via emails and links
Provide a smooth subscription experience
Invitation to join community and search
Access permissions to spaces
Organize members in groups
Give different access permissions
Moderate discussions and comments
Automate with Zapier and Integrately recipes
Support discussions through events, real time commenting and direct messages.
Keep your members informed with periodic digests and instant notifications.
Generate updates and announcements (soon)
Event and digests showing new posts from community

A word from our customers

“With PeerBoard SDK we managed to get our translator community up and running in days, making it a truly seamless part of our product.”
Arseniy Konov
PM of People,
“Having the community experience feel seamless within the course or membership experience is imperative to foster sharing, participation and engagement. Peerboard, by far, has the most seamless experience for anyone using Thinkific.”
Rob Galvin
Thinkific Expert
“What I really love about PeerBoard, it’s not only informational but it’s also fun, it provides a small escape that serves my customer’s needs whether it’s for mental health and wellness, or to use as a search engine to find resources.”
Tess Lankers
Founder of The Daily Planners

Bring your membership to the next level

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