A community platform for Non-Profits and NGOs

Bring people together and empower them to network, collaborate and achieve more.
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Online forum tools of PeerBoard

An optimized community platform for distributed organizations

PeerBoard works with Global Organizations to help you:
Create a secure and organized space for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Connect your globally distributed network of partners.
Increase the visibility of global initiatives and opportunities internally/externally.

Collaborative problem solving for overcoming operational roadblocks

Help your people get “unstuck” with a rich Social Platform:
Easily locate experts within your network.
Exchange operational best practices for working in specific locations.
Share tacit knowledge quickly and easily.
Perfect for NGOs, Non-Profits, Social Impact Initiatives and Associations.

Empower taskforces and ops teams

Form Task-Forces and Ops-Teams using Member Groups:
Create badges to easily identify expertise.
Dedicate organized private spaces so team-members can:
— collaborate on objectives and planning
— share documents and critical information
— communicate in an environment that is noiseless to the community

Build a network of professionals and advocates

Invite passionate people on the ground to join your community be a part of your mission
Granular access controls to provide entirely curated experiences.
Nurture your relationships with advocates and allies on the ground.
Host events, hold polls, and leverage of the power of community to streamline processes.
Gamification to encourage helpful responses and excitement about participation.

Showcase your achievements

Highlight your group’s achievements with beautiful public spaces.
Attract new talent by inspiring changemakers.
Improve visibility with SEO optimized posts.
Easily maintain quality engagement with precise moderation controls.

Leverage the power of community for your organization

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Support your organization's network with a feature packed knowledge sharing community platform

Fully white-label
Easy to use themes & customization
No complex set-up
Granular member import for roles and access levels
Single Sign On
Embed discussions into KBs and Dashboards
Create co-working groups
Public & private community spaces
Rich user profiles
Multimedia posts
Mentions & direct messaging
Community analytics
Searchable posts & spaces
Direct to email notifications
Scalable to any size of community
Programmatic community management
API access
Direct engineering support
Rapid implementation