A private social network for your online community

Tired of using traditional social media tools to connect with users and fans? Build your own social networking platform on your own website with PeerBoard.
Social networking platform on the website with PeerBoard
Break away from Facebook groups and Reddit forums

Building your own private social network allows you to deliver user-friendly content in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Create an ad-free experience where your content doesn’t compete with other brands in user feeds and emails and where you have the flexibility to integrate with external services. Spend less time formatting posts for social media sites and more time building up your own online community.

No ads or brand competition
Improved administrative functionality
Personalized news feeds
A forum for your company, group, or cause
Management for users and groups
Control your own data

Big social networking sites required phone numbers, emails, and other personal information at signup. But marketers and advertisers working on the platform don’t get to see any of that. Users also may not want to share it in the first place.

Whether you’re building a community forum or trying to control your brand, building a private social network allows you to determine what data you collect, why it matters, and who you share it with.

Better control over personal data
Find and work with community influencers
Account creation not tied to existing social network
Built to fit every use case

Social media platforms are great at connecting users, but they’re a standardized solution meant to fill every niche.

With PeerBoard, you can customize the look, style, and scale of your forum so that messaging is clear and precise — without off-brand advertisement and algorithms getting in the way of a great user experience.

Classroom communities
Membership groups
Social marketplaces
Email list subscribers
Product groups
Forum tools for customization

Common questions

How can I migrate my Facebook group or subreddit?

While you won’t be able to import existing posts and content from an existing Facebook group or subreddit, you can migrate your community with ease. After you create your new PeerBoard space, make it private and post an invite link on your existing community forum. Users can click the link to sign up and join.

How do you plan to use my data? Do you plan to show ads?

We never pass your data or any of your member data to a third party. We will never show ads without your approval.

Build a private social network in seconds

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