The only fully integrated community software on the web

The perfect toolbox for supporting customers, improving LTV and showcasing your SaaS or Software Product.
A community homepage

Your product community has never had a more engaging space

PeerBoard’s community platform offers thoughtfully designed features to help you energize your community.
Media rich, crawlable posts to improve SEO and time on site.
A post and search for relationship management
Real-time commenting and direct notifications for keeping users active.
Granular member segmentation and event tracking for generating usable data.
Member segmentation

Versatile post types to help you focus content and learn from your customers

Q&A Posts with solved status and answer voting.
Q&A posts
Suggestion posts for collecting customer feedback.
Suggestion posts
Article posts for content and knowledge bases.
A post

Insights that help you uncover user needs

PeerBoard communities connect you to your members both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Insights showing community activity
Detailed insights help you understand your users.
Track user, content and support metrics that matter to your business.
Popular posts and top voted comments
"With PeerBoard SDK we managed to get our translator community up and running in days, making it a truly seamless part of our product.”
Arseniy Konov
PM of People,
"Having PeerBoard, a great discussion forum, directly integrated with our Thinkific webpage and courses has been monumental! On the student side it makes for clean, easy, and simple engagement right away. On the teacher/management side it has simplified so much and actually increased engagement and quality as well!"
Ian Cox
Leadership Education (TJEd)
“What I really love about PeerBoard, it’s not only informational but it’s also fun, it provides a small escape that serves my customer’s needs whether it’s for mental health and wellness, or to use as a search engine to find resources.”
Tess Lankers
Founder of The Daily Planners

Find out why our customers love using PeerBoard

Build trust, engagement and customer advocacy with gamification

Our intelligent gamification system rewards member behavior that drives real growth in your community.
XP is earned through meaningful contributions.
Community awards
Quickly identify your customer heroes.
A list of top contributors
Easily reward loyalty to boost LTV.

A seamless experience that improves community adoption and retention

Peerboard communities are 100% Brand Matched to look & feel like your product.
Custom Themes.
Dark theme
Layout & View options.
Layout options

Easily organize information to help your customers help themselves

Connect your users to the knowledge they need in just two clicks or a quick search.
A vibrant and intelligent Newsfeed.
Community posts
Nested spaces.
A list of spaces of community

Easily connect and automate everything

PeerBoard is designed with programmatic community management in mind.
Automated pre-moderation rules.
A community embedded into a product
An SDK to help you tie community into your UI.
A fully featured API to connect your apps and tools.
Webhooks to trigger workflows in real-time.
Core integration takes 1-2 days
Ready for launch in as little as a week
Import members and get started

Discover the class leading community platform for SaaS

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